Our Story

With over 40 years of recruiting and IT consulting experience with small, medium, and large enterprise companies, we have seen a clear message that the best way to effectively serve both client and candidate is to focus on a single technology that is mature, widely used and in high demand.

The traditional staffing model of trying to be everything to everyone does not meet our mission of making certain we have the best match for both the employee and employer. After all, if you are having heart problems you seek a Cardiologist and not a General Practitioner.

We look forward to playing an important role in serving the Python community and developing a pipeline that brings superior results for all.

Our Promises to the Python Community

  1. We will treat you with respect
  2. We will be honest with you
  3. We will seek to bring value to the Python community
  4. We will operate with complete transparency
  5. We will not promise what we can’t deliver
  6. We will never post a job we are recruiting for – recruiting is confidential
  7. We will lend a hand whenever we are asked to
  8. And we will always promote Python as the great programing language it is

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help grow the Python community by providing best in class candidates, customer service, timely communications, and in-depth due diligence assuring the right person for the right job


Corporate Values

  1. Open and honest relationships with both candidates and clients
  2. Be passionate and determined in serving the Python Community
  3. Respect all feedback from both clients and candidates
  4. Continuous process improvement from client and candidate feedback
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