About Us



Arak Egypt  is a  fast  growing and strongly expanding  corporations in Egypt that was founded by merging 4 successful companies together . working in the field of marketing and distributing  all products for animals  with a vision to perfectly  serve the needs of our existing customers,  offer a greater range of products and services., as well as the merged companies will be able to expand our capabilities to attract and retain new customers and  in addition to a human health care  company .


Trooper Pharma: Specialized in veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Al Andalus Trade:  Specialized in feed additives and premixes for animals.

United Vet Group: Specialized in distribution of vaccines of many multinational companies.

United Health Care: Specialized in health care and medical tourism services.





Our vision

Long-lasting reputation of the business that make our group one of the biggest market share companies in Egypt.


Businessman pressing a Mission concept button.

Our mission

To provide the best quality products for  animal health customers around Egypt