By Dr. Rob Flemming

PyDr.thon is an easy-to-learn yet deceptively powerful programming language. Its clear concise readable code, large standard library, and built-in testing framework make it ideal for rapid software development. While the long-standing industry anecdote that one python programmer can do in two months what two C++ programmers can do in one year may stretch the truth, it is certain that Python shaves hours, days, or even months off development projects depending on their size and complexity. What’s more, the small program size and readability of code facilitates the upkeep and maintenance of Python code.

When comparing Python to other languages it is not hard to find individual areas where they shine brighter: C++ is faster, R has better visualization, PERL can be even more concise. However, it is the unique combination of powerful features that attracts programmers and keeps the Python one of the most popular and required languages by clients, especially in the areas of web development, software development, data analysis and scientific computing.

The ease with which the basics of Python programming are picked up combined with a healthy job market for Python programmers tempts many of varying skill to promote themselves online as Python Developers.

When hiring for python projects or full-time employees it is important to incorporate a technical interviewer to assess the candidates’ depth of knowledge and familiarity with common Python frameworks. Ideally, a small test project would be assigned as well to evaluate both programming and communication skills.

Candidates’ contributions to code repositories and user communities should also be considered. The combination of these approaches along with a well-crafted job description will ensure that the best candidate is attracted and chosen.

Dr. Rob Flemming is the Co-Founder of hoytNIVA, a global technology, and human capital consulting firm. Dr. Flemming is a graduate of MIT, earned his Doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University and has served in senior-level DoD Cryptology and private client leadership positions for over 20-years.

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